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Skateboard Contest Preparation

by Dana Bradley [January 29, 2007]

When preparing for a skateboarding contest, the contestants have to stand out above the rest. One can not expect to stand out above their competitors without preparing well in advance before the 'big day'.

Skateboarding is an extremely popular sport among young people from the ages of 10 - 25. Why is skateboarding such a popular sport? It's more than the tricks and the turns that a skateboardist can do. It's about style, attitude and even the type of music that one listens to whether its rap, rock or contemporary Christian. Skateboarding is a lifestyle.

Like all spirited sporting activities, skateboarding when it's time to compete, you have to go out in full force. Here are some tips, to prepare for a competition.

-Make sure that your helmet fits nice and snug on your head. It will be quite an embarrassment for one's helmet to fly off during a competition...not to mention a safety hazard.

-Invest in the top of the line skateboard and make sure that you choose colors that capture people's attention. When the judges rate a contestant during a competition, everything is visual.

-Unless you are highly gifted at skateboarding, if you are new to the sport, don't join a competition unless you know for certain that you have the skills that it takes to compete.

-Make sure that you practice everyday. The judges will be judging how smoothly you maneuver your skateboard. Skateboarding should be like music...it should flow easily.

-Do not invent new tricks during the competition. Inventing new tricks can cause embarrassing bloopers.

-Do not eat a huge meal before a skateboarding competition. If you do have breakfast, do not over indulge. Stick with dry foods such as a breakfast bar, bagel or toast. Eating eggs with sausage and pancakes is not recommended. It will not only make you tired and slow you down but it may cause stomach pains from the excitement and all the twist and turns that you will make during the competition.

Last but not least, it's extremely important that a player is in tip top shape before the competition. That means eating healthy, taking your vitamins and exercising. Practicing skateboarding is not an excuse not to exercise your limbs. You should jog or take 30 minute brisk walks daily or join a gym to help build your muscle and give you more confidence and definitely more energy.
Being in shape prior to the contest helps one to escape from injuries.

About the Author
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