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Skateboard Tricks and Treats

by Daegan Smith [January 29, 2007]

We all know skateboard is an awesome sport. Extreme and fun, it just pushes one to the edge. Guys who play it are dubbed as really cool and adventurous. That's why a lot of those who do not know this sport attempt to play it, even if it means toppling over and over again!

The beauty of skateboarding lies on the tricks that one can pull off. Without them, this game will turn out to be boring!
So what are your favorite skateboard tricks? If you are a beginner and you want to try this one heck of a sport, figure out the tricks yourself and which of those would be your favorite?

1. Is it the ollie?

A lot of skateboard aficionados believe that this trick is the core of skateboarding. Everything begins and ends with the ollie so if you are already good at it, then you are on your way to becoming a pro.
How does the ollie work anyway? It involves positioning your back foot on the skateboard's tail, lifting your heel, putting some pressure on the balls of feet, placing front foot in the center, then kicking the tail down hard with your back foot and pulling your front foot up and leveling out the skateboard. After those, you bend your knees and roll on smoothly. Eric Sepulveda is one mean skateboarder who considers ollie as a cinch.

2. Is it the manual?

Manual teaches balance and this one is easy to learn. Just place the back of your foot on the tail and then let your front foot be positioned on the front bolts or whatever feels okay to you. Then lean back and have your front board raised. If you have mastered this, then you can ride away smoothly for the longest time. You can also go from ollie to manual.

3. Is it the nollie?

Now this is hard and the adage "practice makes perfect" is for this trick. But skateboard pros consider this so basic as everything is actually nollied into.
Nollie is pretty much like the Ollie but you pop off the nose of the board here instead of the tail. Ride away at a moderate speed then place your front foot on the board's nose and the back wherever you fancy. Then slide the back foot to level the board, at the same time smacking down the nose.

4. Is it the kickflip?

The kick flip is one of the flip tricks that you can do as soon as you know how to ollie remarkably. You are in an ollie position here but have your front foot be placed under the front bolts, making the foot go to a slight angle. Pop an ollie then while doing so, flick off the foot at the board's side until you have completed a rotation. Stop the board from totally spinning with the back of your foot when you see the grip tape coming around.

5. Is it one of the grinds?

a. Frontside 50 50 grind. One of the easiest and comfiest grinds, you have to practice on this before trying out the harder ones. Approach the curb or a rail at a slight angle and be sure that the toe is edged to the obstacle at a moderate speed. This way, you can do a slide. Ollie onto the rail or curb as you lock the front then go for the grind. Lean back a bit, bend the knees and ride away after every grind.
b. Frontside 5.0
Following the frontside 50 50 grind, this trick is all about putting all your weight on the back of the board before doing the grind.
c. Backside 5.0 grind
This is pretty much like the other grinds, only trickier.

6. Is it the 50 50 or axle stall?

The axle stall is a ramp and bowl trick. It is pretty hard as you have to lift the front wheels as if you're going for a manual. One should remember safety measures here. Miscalculating your moves can lead to injured hip or face.

7. Is it the slide?

Whether frontside boardslide or backside boardslide, this one involves turning 90 degrees, putting the front trucks over the rail, then sliding.
Skateboarders know all those tricks by heart. If you are yet to get yourself a skateboard, don't forget trying out the basics first then go for the tricks.

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