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Skateboard Ramps

by Thomas Morva [January 29, 2007]

According to the dictionary, a ramp is a slope that joins two parts of a road, path, building etc. when one is higher than the other. It is quite obvious that a skateboarder will find a ramp extremely useful to show his/her skills.

There are many who enjoy skateboarding because they come out with new tricks, by combining two or more existing maneuvers or by using rails and walls in various ways. To cater to them, skate parks have come up where cars, bikes, and other traffic are prohibited, thereby ensuring a safe area for skateboarders to experiment. Skate parks usually contain ramps and U-shaped half pipes, which look like a trough. There are many skate parks where you can find fun boxes, which are obstacles that include ramps, stairs, and rails made especially for skateboarding maneuvers. It was in 1975 in Melbourne Beach, Florida, that curved plywood ramps designed for skateboarding were first used.

If you like, you may even build yourself a ramp. The things you will need for the purpose will depend on the nature of the ramp you want. If you want a slider box or a jump ramp, an empty parking lot or your driveway will be enough. If want your ramp bigger and unmovable, then you will certainly need more space. It is wise to build your ramps on a flat or level surface. Otherwise, it will be difficult to build and ride the ramp.

Once you have decided on a spot to build your ramps, start by measuring the space you are going to be working in. It is also better to measure out any obstructions that might get in your way, like a tree or an electric pole. You must study the landscape to find out if you need to level the area out. Depending on the landscape, you may even have to build your ramp up off the ground, on posts.

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