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Skydive At Its Best

by John Ewing [January 29, 2007]

Not surprisingly. Arizona is also a stomping ground for many extreme sport enthusiasts that come to appreciate the beauty of the scenery while experiencing pastimes that are nonconformist. to say the least. Skydiving is no exception. Arizona skydiving has taken on a life of its own as countless fanatics inundate the region for a glimpse of the sky at 10.000 feet.

Over the years. five major skydiving centers have emerged in Arizona: Arizona Skydiving Coolidge; DesertSkydivingCenter; MaranaSkydivingCenter; Skydive Sedona; and Skydive Arizona.

Arizona kydivingCoolidge. located in Coolidge. is one of the most well known drop zones in Arizona. offering tandem. AFF. and static line jumping.This center is more of an experience than a place to learn and jump.With restaurants. camping. a bar. and even a pool. this location has several amenities to please everyone. not just those jumping.

DesertSkydivingCenter. located in Buckeye. also offers tandem. AFF. and static line jumping.While considerably smaller than Coolidge and providing fewer amenities. this site focuses more on basics while offering more of a "home" environment.

MaranaSkydivingCenter. located in Marana. only offering tandem and static line jumping. focuses more on the novice jumper.Also providing few amenities other than the basics. this is a good place for those starting out.
Skydive Sedona. located in Cottonwood. offers tandem and AFF.Also less commercial than some of its counterparts. this is a cozy drop zone.Presenting incredible views of red rock cliffs and distant snowcapped mountains. Sedona offers an experience like no other.

Skydive Arizona. located in Eloy. is similar to Coolidge. and provides the more commercial features as restaurants. a bar. and a pool.Offering tandem and AFF. the one shortcoming is the lack of static line jumping.However. the other amenities far outweigh this deficiency.

Whether soaring with the birds or watching in awe from the ground. Arizona is an extraordinary place to experience the sport of skydiving.

About the Author
John Ewing contributes adding content to http://www.skydiving-parachuting-guide.com A free online magazine that carries articles on Skydive, and a guide on the best drop zones here Skydive