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Wakeboarding Red Bull Style: The Winch Sessions

by xsession [April 27, 2011]

Wakeboarding Red Bull Style: The Winch SessionsPro wakeboarders JD Webb and Adam Errington join Minnesota's Josh Tranby for a little dead-of-winter Midwest wakeboarding on an ice rail, made possible by Red Bull's high-powered winch system.

Watch the video on http://www.redbullusa.com/cs/Satellite/ ... 2994133154 to see how a chainsaw and a vivid imagination can turn a winter landscape into the perfect place for some winter wakeboarding action.

Red Bull is always pushing the limits in sports with exceptional locations, innovative setups and crazy locations. The crazier the idea, the more likely someone will try to make it happen. Case in point: this ice rail.

Location: United States