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Kazantip Festival in Ukraine, August 2011

by Press Release [May 18, 2011]

Kazantip Festival in Ukraine, August 2011Kazantip is the name of a worldwide known music festival that takes place on the beaches in Southern Ukraine during the month of August. In 2011 Kazantip will be held for the 19th time.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 –Kazantip is the name of a worldwide known music festival that takes place on the beaches in Southern Ukraine during the month of August. It began as a small-scale sport event in the village of Shelkino, near the Kazantip Cape in 1992. The participants of the first RFA Cup windsurfing competition got together by the Sea of Azov then. The Kazantip Cape, which can be translated as "the bottom of a boiler”, located between the cities of Feodosiya and Kerch became the first venue of the festival, and also gave this name to the festival.

Nobody can say definitely what led to such surprising development of that small sport event. Most likely it was a great desire of Nikita Marshunk, the current president of Kazantip, and his friends as well the many fans of club music and extreme sports, who wanted to bring together like-minded youth, sportsmen and musicians. Just in a few years, in 1995, the electronic music festival Kazantip was held right in the building of unfinished nuclear reactor. Then it was attended by about 1000 people, music lovers and fans of electronic music. The great movement of Kazantip was given a go! Year by year, it wandered from one location to another, recruiting more and more fans. Today Kazantip is said to get together more than 150.000 people from all over the world. Although the local authorities are not always happy with some ‘side effects’ of the festival, it is impossible to destroy, cancel or terminate. In 2001, Kazantip got settled in the village of Popovka, having transformed a quiet and sleepy resort settlement into an amazing, colorful and avant-garde festival. Z-Republic runs everything there in August!

Once you are at Kazantip for the first time, the adrenaline, rhythms and drive of the festival get into your blood immediately. You get addicted to Kazantip. It will attract you forever and you will want to return to Popovka again.

Kazantip has developed its own unwritten laws years ago, and its main symbol - a yellow suitcase – is known to everybody. The yellow suitcase grants the holder the right to enter the Kazantip Festival for free. Don’t try to buy the yellow suitcase in a nearby store. It’s not available there! The yellow suitcase is a symbol of nostalgia, tradition and freedom of movement. Can any yellow suitcase be the Kazantip suitcase? Of course it cannot. There are definite requirements each suitcase must meet and it’s not so easy to get the right one. According to the state standard of Kazantip, the suitcase must be designed in the old classic fashion, with chrome corners and it must be of the right, unique yellow color. A picture of its holder must be attached on the inner side. If you do find such a relic in your grandmother's attic, you can use it as a visa to enter the Kazantip Republic. Bear in mind that you will have to carry it with you all the time, otherwise you will be considered a violator of the visa regime. And another important note: you may not borrow your suitcase to anybody and you cannot use it to transport others to Kazantip in it. Otherwise, it will be burned at the stake. That's the law!

The dictatorship of the total Happiness, which is imposed in the Republic of Kazantip, perhaps is the only kind of dictatorship in the world that does not cause dissatisfaction among the citizens. After all, it gives the most important thing - happiness that anyone can afford. Don’t you believe? This means you should visit the Kazantip festival to make sure that is true. Once you have breathed the magic air of Kazantip, you will realize that your life is changing!

Can’t wait to visit Kazantip 2011? Then, think of accommodation first. Of course, you can sleep right on the beach under the stars, but would it be comfortable? Better consider staying in a hotel or renting a room in Popovka. This is a wise idea, even if you are going to dance and party 24 hours a day. The accommodation provided by the Popovka residents can give you a moment of peace that you will be happy to have after having spent a day and night at Kazantip. Also there is a number of private houses for rent and hostels-hotels in Popovka. The owners of rentals in Popovka look forward to Kazantip party goers, because there are no vacancies during the Festival. So, don’t put the arrangements off until the last minute.

The Kazantip festival invites everybody. Spend a while at Kazantip, enrich your life with the time of happiness and joy, and receive a charge of cheerfulness for the entire year! As usual, in August 2011 Kazantip will open its gates to the republic of freedom for the youth population! Kazantip 2011 invites you to immerse into the world of freedom, world of wonderful music, world of beautiful girls and warm Crimean Sea. This year Kazantip 2011 is scheduled for August 6, 2011 - August 20, 2011. The venue is the same as always: the beach of Popovka near Evpatoria.

PROGRAM of Kazantip 2011:
* 30 April 2011 to 01 May 2011: Z-Mayevka. The traditional meeting of Spring in Popovka. Free admission after registration on the official site.
* 01 July 2011 to 30 July 2011: Sports competitions “Z-Games”. Extreme Games will be held at Kazantip as a sports camp for one month. During the last week of July the competition will be organized, including kitesurfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, skateboarding, bmx, frisbees, b-boys battles.
* 06 August 2011: Official opening of Kazantip 2011.
* 11 August 2011 to 14 August 2011: The second musical summit on Mars. Meeting of the largest representatives of the club show-biz industry and top artists at Mars.
* 14 August 2011 to 18 August 2011: Life on Mars. The best teams working in the style of "live" will perform on the Faberge dance floor.
* 20 August 2011: Closing of Kazantip 2011.
* 21 August 2011 to 27 August 2011: Martian week.

Start Date: August 6, 2011
End Date: August 20, 2011

Location: Southern Ukraine