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Door 33 Indoor Park hosts the NSSL

by Kelli Hargrove [February 13, 2012]

Door 33 Indoor Park hosts the NSSLEleven teams from The National Scholastic Skateboarding League (NSSL) came together at Door 33 on Friday night, an inconspicuous warehouse located behind Quiksilver’s corporate office in Huntington Beach, California. The event marked the first public event to take place at the invite only indoor Skatepark.

When asked to sum up the evening, Quiksilver Skateboard Program Manager Jamey Beeson said, “This was our inaugural event to kick off the season and the first time we’ve done something like this. Everyone had a blast and the kids walked away with some great memories. We can’t wait to do it all over again next Friday.”

For more on the inaugural Door 33 competition, keep reading:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (February 12, 2012) – Night 1 of Round 2 at Door 33 presented a new challenge for even the most experienced NSSL skateboarders as they familiarized themselves with the sprawling street and bowl courses. For many, Friday was the first time that they had set foot in the skatepark and the anticipation was palpable.

As the sun began to set, kids representing Irvine, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa and San Clemente began to formulate their lines in front of over 200 of their closest friends and family.

Huntington Beach’s Aaron Kim impressed all the way to the podium taking 1st in the Vert/Bowl followed closely by Edison’s Gage Boan placing 2nd. Costa Mesa’s Sarah Thompson secured 3rd by just one point over Northwood High School’s Zack Royal. Jordan Hollis also helped Northwood’s team join the others on the podium.

Head Coach, Tristan Stegmaier commented on the close scoring that “Jordan Hollis and Zack Royal had a strong showing in the bowl competition executing frontside and backside boneless lipsildes. A highlight of the evening was when Zack electrified the crowd by pulling off a backside air to disaster on the extension.”

On the street course, the middle schoolers didn’t disappoint with crowd favorites Michael Schmidt from Costa Mesa and Kouhei Kito from Dwyer taking 1st and 2nd respectably.

Team Dwyer and Sowers from Huntington Beach took home overall awards with a one-point margin bumping Dwyer into 3rd. Sowers team rider Liam Macias can be credited with racking in the points for his team in both street and bowl rounds.

However, the returning 2011 Costa Mesa Middle School team showed diversity on both courses and couldn’t be ousted out of 1st place ranking.

The rest of the NSSL teams will compete at Door 33 on February 17th. High School teams skateboarding on Night 2 of Round 2 are: El Toro, East Lake, Newport Harbor, Canyon Crest, San Clemente and Corona del Mar. Bernice Ayer, Ensign, St. Edwards and Earl Warren middle schools will round out the evening.

Official Winners from Fridays contest are as follows:

High School Teams Combined

1. Huntington Beach

2. Northwood

3. Fountain Valley

High School Street

1. Chris Chavaria – Huntington Beach

2. Alex Barragan – Northwood

3. Chris Riechers – Fountain Valley

4. Aaron Kim – Huntington Beach

5. Johnny Richardson – Fountain Valley

6. Nhat Vo – Huntington Beach

7. Braedan Weekes – Northwood

8. Ivan Rios – Northwood

9. Sean Pinsonneault – Northwood

10. Devin Ells – Estancia

High School Bowl

1. Aaron Kim – Huntington Beach

2. Gage Boan – Edison

3. Sarah Thompson – Costa Mesa

4. Zack Royal – Northwood

5. Jordan Hollis – Northwood

6. Thomas Waale – Edison

7. Chris Reichers – Fountain Valley

8. Andrew Bowen – Fountain Valley

9. Ethan McTague – Costa Mesa

10. Juan Alvarado – Estancia

Middle School Teams Combined

1. Costa Mesa

2. Sowers

3. Dwyer

Middle School Street

1. Michael Schmidt – Costa Mesa

2. Kouhei Kito – Dwyer

3. Mason Ryan – Shorecliffs

4. Sam Swanson – Costa Mesa

5. Chase Sawyer – Sowers

6. Imanol Ramos – Masuda

7. Sam Phegley – Shorecliffs

8. Liam Macias – Sowers

9. Kevin Funasaki – Masuda

10. Matt Whetstone – Dwyer

Middle School Bowl

1. Colby Franz – Sowers

2. Michael Schmidt – Costa Mesa

3. Donavan Leibelt – Masuda

4. Gavin Alsop – Dwyer

5. Kouhei Kito – Dwyer

6. Liam Macias – Sowers

7. Chase Johnson – Masuda

8. Micah Davis – Shorecliffs

9. Paige LaBare – Costa Mesa

10. Sam Phegley – Shorecliffs