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Corbin Harris is not the Australian Bam

by Chris Nieratko [February 20, 2012]

Corbin Harris is not the Australian BamCorbin Harris is a staple fixture in the Australian skateboard scene. He has done nearly everything possible to grow skateboarding down under by bringing it to the masses on a number of different Fuel shows and even penning a mainstream book about skateboarding. He pals around with all the big names we think of when we think of skateboarding in Australia and after many years of due diligence, Element is making him one of their international pros. You may not have heard of Corbin yet, but with the cover and a huge interview in the new issue of SLAM on stands now, a video part dropping in a couple weeks for Van's Bowl-A-Rama and with the Internet making OZ just a short click away, chances are you're going to be hearing a lot more from Mr. Harris.

Since no one in America knows who you are, please sell yourself.
Harris: I'm an Australian skateboarder. I grew up skating with the likes of Dustin Dollin, Jake Duncombe, Brett Margaritis, Andrew Currie and Shane O'Neill. I'm a television presenter on a bunch networks in Australia including having my own shows on FuelTv. I collaborate with Element on designing. I'm an author of a book about skateboarding for Australia. With these roles, I've tried to help promote skateboarding and action sports and help them grow within the youth.

You said it took you 15 years to turn pro, should we believe you are 16 and started skating at Age 1? Why did it take so long?
I didn't want to premature pro-jaculate. Better to be late, than early right, Chris?

What's your best Dollin story?
Hahah. I'd have to censor the whole thing.

What's your best Jake Duncombe story?
Jake was about 12 years old, we were flying from Sydney to Perth on a SMP clothing trip (a long time ago). They had children's face-painting on the plane over and he ended up getting a full cat face on his head. We flew into Perth, got to the hotel, and like any good Australian skate trip, we hit the pub. Jake being 12 could not come so we left him at the hotel. On returning to the hotel after a few beers, I opened the hotel door and Jake was sitting inside with his cat face holding a girl's hand who was clearly 4 times older than him.  "What are you doing?" I asked.  Jake looked up and simply said, "Watching 'toons."

You're a major TV star in Oz. What kind of perks does that offer?
I don't know what the perks are. I'm just like any other person. I have a limo driver, G6 and a chef for every meal, I sleep in a tuxedo and I get free refills at McDonald's.

You're a talk show host. Have you ever fanned out on anyone you interviewed?
Not really. If it's someone I really like I probably do more research on them and I'm just interested myself to ask a few certain questions, more so than fanning out.

Who is the best interview?
Who I really like is Dustin Dollin. He gives a lot. He will not stop talking the whole time, he has stories, he's an interesting character and he's a good friend of mine. He's always good to interview. Tony Hawk is a good one too because he just talks as well.

You ride for Element and have a TV show. Are you the Australian Bam?
I'm Corbin Harris.

You're a former rugby player. This is ESPN and The Giants just won the Super Bowl. What do rugby players think of American football?
I think we wished someone would explain the rules to us. We have no idea what is going on.

Because you're Element's foreign pro, does that work everywhere? Or do you have to reapply to be pro when you come to America?
I'll check customs!