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Hybrid Suf-Snowboard Bridges Two Worlds

by Trace Dominguez [February 21, 2012]

Hybrid Suf-Snowboard Bridges Two WorldsSnowboarders and surfboarders have many similarities in their sports, but their boards are very different. Signal Snowboards out of Huntington Beach, Calif. has bridged the snow/surf gap with their Fish Out of Water hybrid board.

This unique creation was part of Signal's Every Third Thursday video series. It was conceptualized as a way for these designers and builders to have some fun with their craft and attempt to create and test crazy snowboards.

The Fish Out of Water didn't just work, it performed well as both surfboard and snowboard.

Signal's build crew used a foam template, routing a snowboard into the center of a prefabricated surfboard shell. After the manufacturing was completed, they called professional surfer Rob Machado. Rob made surfing on such a contrivance look easy.

After testing in southern California, the crew took it to British Columbia, added the boot bindings and explored the snowy Canadian peaks of Baldface Lodge with snowboarders Curtis Ciszek and Dave Lee. Again, the hybrid board performed surprisingly well.

Ultimately, snowboarding requires cut edges and strong bindings to move the board through varied snow conditions, while surfing requires fins and curved control surfaces to cut and grip the water.

The video shows how professionals use their board, but its performance for the average person remains to be seen.

According to snowboarding enthusiast Joe Liu of Washington, D.C., this combined board would likely be uncomfortable to stand on for some surfers and snowboarders might require more deliberate movements to maneuver the board.

Still, this was the first time a single board was featured by Transworld in both surfing and snowboarding.

Location: California and Great Britain