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Catching up with Marvin Musquin

by Michael Antonovich [February 24, 2012]

Catching up with Marvin MusquinThough his indoor debut is a year late (a knee injury while competing at the 2010 Bercy Supercross kept him from racing the 2011 Supercross season), Marvin Musquin has wasted no time at turning heads on his KTM. The latest French import has shown promise in the tight confines but has also suffered from some small growing pains. As the West Coast Lites class takes a break, Musquin is set follow a similar path to the one laid out by Ken Roczen last year and will compete in the Supercross class aboard the KTM 350 in the coming weeks.

With the first six rounds of the West Coast over, it is an advantage for West Coast guys because they can begin to test outdoor settings?

Iím actually taking a week off and riding the 350 and outdoors, and I have a friend who is riding with me. I think it is good, because in the 450 class it is one full season, every weekend. For West Coast riders, yeah, it is good because we can take a break and breathe a little bit, and restart again for outdoors and get ready for the season.

You are just playing today, but will you start outdoor testing soon or will you race Supercross on the 350?

I am riding the 350 because I love it and it is so good to ride. Next week I start Supercross testing on the 350 and I will do three races on it, St. Louis, Daytona, and Indianapolis, and then I start outdoor testing.

What are your expectations for the Supercross class on the 350?

It is hard to say because the 450 class is big and it has the best riders in Supercross. And it is 450ís and they are different than 250ís. It is going to be tough, I know, but I am excited to try racing in the main class. My expectations are for sure to make the main event. Make the main event, see what happens and get a good start. I donít know, anything could happen.

Are you riding with the same set up that you had at the Monster Cup?

Yeah, it is.

Have you had the chance to ride the ďfactory editionĒ 450?

Yeah, I got to ride it a few months ago.

How do you feel that your Supercross season has gone so far? You have had some great races, but also a few bad luck crashes.

It is my first Supercross season, and in the first race I got fourth, the second race I got second. It is good. I know I am a World Champion and I want to win every race there is. It is Supercross, and I love Supercross, but it is new for me. But it is going good so far. I have a good bike, a great team, and the competition is tough with the really good riders. I have finished second twice, third one time, and one DNF because I crashed. But if you look back one year ago, you can see that Ken Roczen fell in his first season and it was tough for him, too. It is tough for everyone, but I am looking forward to the last three rounds and hopefully finishing in the top three for the championship.