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Shawn Mcintosh discusses move to Primo team

by Brian Tunney [March 26, 2012]

Shawn Mcintosh discusses move to Primo teamEarlier this month, Primo made some big waves with a few unforeseen team changes (Brian Foster and Josh Stricker were let go, Jackson Ratima was added), and just when everything at Primo seemed to be calming down, new names started being adding to the list, including Shawn Mcintosh and Ty Morrow. Knowing that Mcintosh is always down to talk and that Morrow communicates in an otherworldly non-verbal language, I decided to hit up Shawn via Facebook to ask about the move to Primo and what to expect from the Primo team in the remainder of the year. Sure enough, Shawn got back within 20 minutes with answers. And because I forgot to ask him about it, go check out his new signature grip for Fit Bike Co here.

ESPN.com: How did the Primo deal come about?
Mcintosh: Rich Hirsch shined me on to it and I was down of course. I went in and met everyone and it was on. I couldn't be more stoked.

Does it affect anything with Fit since both sponsors manufacture some of the same components, or was everyone cool about it?
Nope all good in the hood!!!

What plans does Primo have in store for you and the team in 2012?
I'm not to sure what's in store for the new year. But best be knowing I'm down for whatever.

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Primo team?
I couldn't be more stoked on riding for Primo. It has been one of my most favorite companies growing up and the wheels hold up to anything I put them through. I've been running the Primo rear hub for ages and it has never once given me any problems. So yeah, Primo is what's good!

I know you're going to Simple Session next week. Is this your first big trip overseas and what are you expecting?
Yeah, Simple Session will be my farthest away from home trip yet. But I'm super excited to go. Just go catch some good vibes, ride some good setups and laugh with some good friends.

Anything else I'm missing?
Thanks to all my supporters and family, wouldn't be here without ya! Keep shredding.

For constant entertainment, I'd recommend you follow Shawn on Instagram.