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How to Maintain your Snowboard Gear

by Toby Russell [January 29, 2007]

Look after your gear When learning to snowboard one of the first things you will need to learn is how to maintain your snowboard gear. Unfortunately, many people fail to take proper care of their gear and as a result it doesn't perform as it should or wears out too soon.

To enjoy your snowboard for many seasons to come it is imperative to learn how to properly maintain your board when winter is over and summer is right around the corner. Pay attention to your board To properly maintain your snowboard gear it is important to always make sure that you begin with a clean board. Over the season your board is like to build up a lot of grime and dirt. Never store your board with any debris on it. At the end of the season it is extremely important to take the time to clean all of this from it.

A citrus cleaner is really the best type of cleaning product to use on your snowboard gear. In addition to removing the dirt it will also remove any dead wax from the base as well as prime the board for future waxing. Just simply apply the citrus cleaner and use a clean rag to remove any residue.
Within just a few moments you should begin to see a difference in your board. Anything that has built up on the board during the winter season will begin to slough off. Once it has been removed and the board is clean you are almost ready to apply a fresh coat of wax. Before you do that; however, you will need to examine it to make sure there is nothing that needs repair before putting it up for summer. Look at the edges as well as the base carefully.

For example, if the edges are dull or burred you will need to file them to get them back into good shape. Be sure you have a tune-up kit on hand in case there is any base damage. A p-tex candle can repair minor damage on the base.
If you don't have a tune-up kit or you do not feel confident handling it on your own you can also take your board into a snowboard shop and have them give it a tune-up. This is also true if the damage on the base is severe . Waxing is vital Once everything is in tip top shape you will then need to give your board a hot waxing. All you need for this project is scraper, iron and wax. While you can use any iron there are irons that are made especially for waxing snowboard gear.
Ideally, it's best to use an all-temperature wax. Using the iron, apply a heavy coat of wax and be sure it covers the edges and base. The purpose of this is to keep the board from drying out as well as to keep the edges from rusting while it is in storage. Next, scrape the was from the edges and base. Have it done for you You can also have a snowboard shop wax your board for you. Most shops charge around $20 for a waxing although you may be able to find an end of the season deal.

About the Author
Toby Russell & his info site www.snowboardinglatest.com offers help & advice to all snowboarders (experienced and novice)