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In Detroit, building a skateboard art park out of vacant homes and lots

In Detroit, building a skateboard art park out of vacant homes and lots

by Ashley C. Woods [April 20, 2012]

Alongside Detroit's East Davison Freeway, new development has been at a standstill for what seems like forever. But a new plot will recruit dollars from the community, expertise from professional skateboarders, and the work of kids in the neighborhood to build a skate park.

This skateboarding space is designed by Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert (the couple who helped spur on the Juxtapoz Magazine/Power House Productions design installation).

Pro skateboarder Tony Moriana and Thrasher Magazine photographer Joe Brook are two of the guys behind Ride It Sculpture Park. The plans call for transforming a vacant house and four empty lots into a skate park; with some cash from Crowdrise and the help of skateboard professionals and neighborhood teenagers.

So far on Crowdrise.com, a community ..... [read more]

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Skateboarding competition Saturday first of its kind at Skatenorth park in Tulsa [April 11, 2012] [Skateboarding]
Jono Sinclair never intended to get into skateboarding. His mother surprised him with a board as a Christmas present when he was in elementary school, and it just sat around for a while. But now, at age 22, Sinclair skateboards regularly. On Sat .....
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Tom Schaar lands skateboarding's first ever 1080 [April 2, 2012] [Skateboarding]
Tom Schaar landed a 1080. That's all that needs to be said -- and pretty much all the 12-year-old from Malibu could say immediately after becoming the first skateboarder ever to complete three full rotations in the air and land with his board still u .....
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