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Snowboarding's U.S. Open turns Dirty 30

Snowboarding's U.S. Open turns Dirty 30

by Colin Whyte [March 6, 2012]

This week, March 5-11, marks the 30th anniversary of snowboarding's longest-running major contest: The U.S. Open. Before there was snowboarding in the Olympics, before the X Games or Dew Tour or snowboarding video games or Shaun White gum or "Danny & The Dingo," the U.S. Open was there, holding it down as the sport's marquee event and primary bragging right.

Names such as Craig Kelly, Terje Haakonsen, Jeff Brushie, Janna Meyen and Kazu Kokubo became domesticated largely because of making an impression at the Open. The Burton-led contest marks a crucial gathering of the tribe in early spring and acts as a kind of punctuation on a busy competitive season.

Mix one part "Super Troopers" with equal parts open container law violations and some of the best competitive snowboarding of the se..... [read more]

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Nike Chosen Tour at Mammoth Mountain [February 26, 2012] [Snowboarding]
Mammoth Mountain was the host to this last stop of the Nike chosen for the finals. Mammoth as always puts together an A+ set up, and the Nike Chosen set up was no different. The course consisted of a 60 foot jump and a rail garden with down bars, .....
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Hybrid Suf-Snowboard Bridges Two Worlds [February 21, 2012] [Snowboarding, Surfing]
Snowboarders and surfboarders have many similarities in their sports, but their boards are very different. Signal Snowboards out of Huntington Beach, Calif. has bridged the snow/surf gap with their Fish Out of Water hybrid board. This unique creat .....
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Travis Rice wins inaugural Red Bull Supernatural [February 6, 2012] [Snowboarding]
Every activity has rare moments when people who do it best turn it into something so beautiful that it becomes poetry. If you are lucky enough to be there when it happens, it is not something you will ever forget. The Red Bull Supernatural is not an .....
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